Miss Megan's theatre workshops are adaptable to her students' needs.  Most programs are 12-week workshops where the kids help develop a story to be made into a script, and then audition, rehearse and perform their play.  They are taken through all the steps of professional play production with emphasis placed on their own abilities and interests.

Miss Megan has enjoyed having beginning students, more experienced students, and every type of student in between.  The inclusive atmosphere she creates makes it possible for any child with an interest in the arts to participate, including students who are shy, on the autism spectrum, have physical, mental or learning disabilities, and reading or speech difficulty. 

Below are some of our past original productions.

The Christmas Letter

The Harper family argues over how to spend Christmas as a power outage, hair emergency, missing candy and a very persistent caroler add to the chaos.

Candy Colony

Two candy shop owners try to convince a member of the historical society that their shop was influential in the Revolutionary War. They tell the story of King George banning candy and how the colonial shop owners got the ban lifted through some extreme measures.

Candy Store Criminal.jpg
Candy Store Criminal

A group of students on a field trip to a candy store miss the bus that was meant to take them back to school and wind up locked in the candy store. While some kids bask in the glory of an unchaperoned stay in a candy store, others try to find a way to get out and go back to school. Their plans are further complicated when their science professor reveals herself with a plan to destroy all the candy in the world.


The story of Cinderella has never been more rad! Taking place in the 1980's this version of Cinderella involves a prom, a pair of missing jellies, and a stepmother who takes a liking to the high school coach. 

Penelope for President

After finding a loophole in the constitution, Penelope Branson learns that kids can run for president! She runs against her rival, Stan Steely, whom she can’t stand. After discovering that they had a misunderstanding about their friendship, they learn that even people who are very different can be friends.

Fairytale Hospital

Fairytale and nursery rhyme creatures flock to the local hospital after a series of accidents. This hilarious take on classic stories will have you rolling in the aisles!

Mutiny Part 1

In a game show similar to Family Feud, two families face off against each other in the hopes of winning a cruise vacation. (Can be performed as the first half of Mutiny Part 2 or by itself.)

Mutiny Part 2

After winning a trip on a cruise, an older couple sets off to enjoy their vacation. Their enjoyment, however, is cut short when pirates climb aboard and take over. While trying to commandeer the ship, the pirates learn what friendship is all about. (Can be performed as the second half of Mutiny Part 1 or by itself.)


Arts programs are being removed from this Parent Teacher Organization’s school. They plan multiple fundraisers – all of which go horribly wrong. After learning how important the arts are, the parents come up with a creative solution to their problem.

Variety Show

With original comedy sketches as well as optional songs and famous bits from shows like I Love Lucy, Abbott and Costello, and The Carol Burnett Show, this variety show is a blast!

If the Shoe Fits...Go Barefoot!

While a group of sisters are waiting in line to try on a shoe that will determine who will become the prince’s bride, they learn about respect for themselves.

Parent Night

A group of students from Adventure Land who have trouble getting along are transferred to a traditional school in their neighboring town. A superhero, cowboy, princess, alien, and more learn that they can get along even though they are all different.

As Fast As You Can

In As Fast As You Can, the townspeople of Little Pebble are all set to celebrate their annual festival until a runaway gingerbread girl frightens everyone. A fairy tale comedy about respecting each other's differences.

Pirate Lessons

Pirate Lessons is a comedy set in a pirate-themed restaurant. A real pirate buys the Buccaneer Buffet and teaches the staff about adventure.

Cookies From the Jar

Cookies From the Jar contains original music and is an upbeat  story about children in a foster home who pull together to help their family.

Shiver Me Timbers

Shiver Me Timbers takes place on a cruise ship. Comedy ensues when pirates attempt to commandeer the vessel...but friendship complicates the takeover. 


S.O.C.K., or the Society of Cool Kids, need to raise money for a trip. The second act of this show is a Talent Show that is customizable for any amount of individual or group acts of any kind.

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