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"Bird Girl" is a romantic comedy that bridges the gap between fantastical romance and the harsh realities of life with a mental illness.Lacey Harris' life is filled with ups and downs thanks to her newly diagnosed bipolar disorder, but that doesn't stop her from forging her own love story - a romance that must withstand the rigors of mental illness, a hunk of an ex-boyfriend, and an old high school rival. This new-age rom-com, rolling depression, anxiety, and mania into a romance like none other, is filled with lovable characters in the small town of Whindry, New Jersey, hilarious hijinx, and irresistible romantic gestures that take the heavy topic of mental illness and mental health and add a dash of the lesser intense realities and hopes that exist in everyday life. A mental health diagnosis is not the end of Lacey's normal life but the beginning of a journey of emotional and self-discovery, and the path to wellness, functionality, and contentedness.

Bird Girl


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High time someone included mental health issues in a piece of fiction without the illness being the main character. Megan Rose's novel is an enjoyable read whose protagonist is portrayed multi-dimensionally. Lacey is definitely NOT her illness, but it certainly impacts her life and life choices. My favorite parts to read were the slightly awkward, comical situations ... embarrassing moments all readers will relate to. Two thumbs up and a skittle in each hand!

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Share the amazing things customers are This was what I call a “smooth read.” It’s the familiar “rom-com” formula we’re all so comfortable with and a dash of realism that kept me turning the page. It’s all there, from the meet-cute to the hilarious misunderstandings….but what does a happy ending look like to a main character with a mental illness to cope with? I, like many, have friends and family that are dealing with similar challenges and the author’s descriptions of what is going on in Lacey’s head were filled with relatable details. It really opened my eyes and gave context to what Lacey, and my friends and family, go through without being preachy or reading like a medical book. It does all that by simply telling the story and telling it well. Entertaining and smooth as glass. about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.