Top Cat Stage Productions is a NJ nonprofit founded by Megan Malfi, a life-long participant in the arts who has spent years volunteering with children.  She knows firsthand the joys, discipline, and self-esteem that participating in the arts can provide. She has overcome struggles with both physical and mental disorders herself and has dedicated her professional career to helping others who share her love of the performing arts, specifically voice lessons for kids and children's theatre.


We are dedicated to providing children and teenagers access to the arts in a nurturing, non-competitive environment without regard to physical or mental disabilities. We provide free or low-cost performing arts workshops and programs for children and teens - and everyone gets a part. 

Top Cat's New Book
Top Cat's New Book

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Miss Megan
Miss Megan

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Group Photo

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Top Cat's New Book
Top Cat's New Book

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Miss Megan's goal in founding TCSP is to provide free access to the performing arts for kids and teens in all communities

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Our Story

Miss Megan discovered her passion for teaching children about performing arts after she recovered from an illness that caused her to have to leave Rider's School of Fine and Performing Arts where she spent two years studying Musical Theatre. She began a small program that was eventually brought to the Burlington County Library Headquarters. She taught children about theatre, acting, singing, and music. After three years at the library, the program had expanded so much the library was no longer able to accommodate the group. Miss Megan moved Top Cat's home to a studio in Hainesport with a small stage where the kids have been thriving and participating in even more aspects of developing shows. Top Cat offers classes, workshops, lessons, and performance opportunities to kids and teens of all ages. Miss Megan has learned more from the kids than she could ever teach them, and she is so excited to continue to grow Top Cat and learn even more!   READ MORE


“Top Cat offers a combination that few arts programs do - the chance to learn the fundamentals of technique, plus the freedom to create and invent, in an atmosphere of genuine love.  


We’ve seen a proliferation of kids’ theatre activities that cycle through the familiar shows and photocopy the same moves, the same timing, the same ideas.  While this may be experience in performing, it’s lacking in artistry - in spontaneity, in discovery, in joy.


Megan’s passion for theatre is utterly genuine, and her devotion to teaching the fundamentals is born of a heartfelt interest in each child being nurtured to succeed.


Every town has its arts programs now, with the same t-shirt templates and the same expectations.  Supporting Top Hat means supporting a unique experience where students have something that’s all theirs, with someone who is concerned with their individual progress and goals.  What a wonderful opportunity!”

Kevin E., Community Theatre Director

"It has been wonderful to watch my children learn and grow with Miss Megan. She has done a terrific job helping them gain confidence in the stage. Miss Megan goes the extra mile because you can tell she really loves working with these kids. Thank you for everything Miss Megan!"

Shar F.

"Jesse has always been a drama queen at home. Outside of the home she was very reserved and timid. Since she started with Miss Megan at Top Cat Productions, Jesse has come out of her shell. Thank you Miss Megan."

Marsha T.

"Top Cat Productions is an amazing program! My kids look forward to every session. Megan does a fantastic job with the kids. She creates a positive experience that allows each child an opportunity to blossom on stage. Thank you Megan for all of your time and hard work. It is greatly appreciated."


"Miss Megan is a caring teacher. She is fun, and prepares us for the stage. I like her a lot."

Marissa B.

"Working with Megan and Top Cat Productions has been a great experience for my organization. Megan is professional and offers quality programming. I receive nothing but positive feedback from children and parents involved in Megan's Theatre Class."

Christina N.


"Our daughters, ages 10 and 13, started with Top Cat this year and absolutely love it! Miss Megan is wonderful to work with and the kids have learned so much from her. We are looking forward to participating in another terrific production next season." 

Patti P.

"Top Cat Productions has been a blessing to our family. We are in our third year of homeschooling and our children love meeting with Miss Megan for rehearsal. It's amazing the development we've seen in their overall studies. Memorizing lines along with meeting other children has greatly improved our daughters' self confidence. "

Rasheen and Josephine J.